Forklift Safety Lights

Forklifts can be dangerous!

While fork lift trucks have delivered valuable productivity improvements for the materials
handling industry, the number of deaths and injuries is a cause for serious concern.

The OHSA reports that the rate of fatal injury in the warehousing industry is higher than
the all-industries average in the USA. About 100 workers are killed each year and another
95,000 are injured while using forklifts.

Many of those deaths and injuries occurred when the victim was crushed between a forklift
and a solid surface, or when they were hit by a moving forklift.


forklift safety lights

Why so many accidents?

One reason that forklifts (also known as powered industrial trucks) are involved in so
many accidents is that their electric motors are so quiet, which means that pedestrians in
the warehousing facility may not be aware of any risk.

By installing forklift safety lights, pedestrians can easily see the large spot of bright blue
light moving across the floor ahead of them. That alerts them to the fact that a vehicle is
about to cross their path.

But aren't acoustic alarms sufficient?

No, because many forklift drivers find the constant high-pitched beeping noise so annoying
that they turn them off or damage them. Compare that to blue spot safety lights and the
advantages are immediately obvious.

As the forklift moves around the warehouse, a powerful blue light moves across the floor,
alerting pedestrians and other forklift drivers of oncoming traffic. If the light is stationary,
others know the vehicle is there but it is not moving.

The beam of blue light is powerful because it uses LED technology which delivers the high

Compared to acoustic warning systems, forklift safety lights are getting a strongly positive
response from the forklift drivers themselves and other warehouse employees.