The sun has gone down, but you still have so much work to do. Your jobs on the farm are not finished just because the sun has set. Maybe you are only halfway through the field that needs to be ploughed to prepare it for planting. Or maybe you are already in the planting cycle, and you need to get all the seeds in the ground to take advantage of the beautiful, light rain predicted for the next day.


Maybe you are in the midst of harvesting, and a torrential downpour that could ruin much of your harvest is predicted for the next day. Anything that has not been harvested before that downpour would be in danger of being ruined.


Planting and harvesting both need to be done at the right time of year and accomplished in a timely manner. If you are a farmer, you probably find that you have to work long hours outdoors during certain times of the year to get those tasks done.


How, then, can you get everything accomplished on your farm within the necessary timeframe?


You could hire extra temporary workers, but that can end up being very expensive.


LED Tractor Lights


A better alternative is to use LED tractor lights, so that you can continue working outdoors and take advantage of the optimal time.



You probably already have HID lights on your tractor, but LED lights are superior to HID lights because:


  • LED lights are very durable and more efficient, lasting thousands of hours
  • LED lights are ‘instant on’

Although they are called tractor lights, you can mount LED tractor lights on every kind of equipment:


  • tractor
  • combine
  • harvesters
  • planting equipment
  • tillage equipment
  • hay and forage equipment


Just about any piece of equipment you can think of. LED tractor work lights come in varying sizes, shapes, and strengths. Battery powered, they will replace the sun so that you can continue working. Just hit the switch and turn the lights on.

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