LED Tractor lights are our main products, Here we will show you our led tractor lights lineup.


All of our led lights are super bright, waterproof, and long lifespan. They can be mounted on different brands of tractors, like John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Kubota, etc.


LED lights can produce more light with a low consumption. They are more efficient than other lights and can last a longer time(50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan). With the cast aluminum housing and durable PC lens, they are more shock resistant.


Before I introduce you the details of these lights, there are some terms you’ll need to know:


1, Lumen Output, This gives you a exact number to evaluate the brightness of the light. For comparison, a 55 watt halogen PAR 36 work light puts out roughly 1,100 lumens of light, while our 18 watt PAR 36 LED Tractor headlights puts out 1440 lumens of light.


2, Beam Patterns, This terms are used to describe the shape of the light. The spot beam will focus the light into a narrow shape, they usually used for long distance lighting. The flood beam spreads the lights into a wide and short area light, they usually used for working area lighting. The trapezoid beam is an ideal, general-purpose work light designed with a narrower pattern for longer and wide visibility. The high-low beam lights are combined with spot beam and trapezoid/Flood beam.


3, Waterproof Rate, This terms will tell you the ability of waterproof. Usually IP67 is requirement for a light working outside. But some items will not reach to IP67 as they have special design.


Now, let’s look at below lights:


PAR 36 LED Tractor Headlights


 PAR 36 LED Tractor Headlights


These lights are all PAR36 lights, they have 6 pieces 3watt CREE chips and produce 1440 lumens per light. You can get them with spot beam, flood beam, trapezoid beam or high-low beam. And the third one has the red tail light function. The fourth one has a metal housing with a rubber sleeve.


The PAR36 shape makes it easy to replace the halogen headlight from your tractor. For example:


 led tractor headlight application


Oval LED Tractor Lights

 oval led tractor lights


Above lights are 24watt, 27watt, 36watt and 40watt. Spot and Flood are available. They are oval and can easy to install on the front and side of the tractors. For example:


oval led tractor lights application


Rectangle LED Tractor Work Lights

Rectangle LED Tractor Work Lights


Above rectangle led tractor work lights are 12/20watt, 45watt. Trapezoid, Spot, Flood, and High-Low beam. They are rectangle and can easy to install on the head of the tractors. For example:


Rectangle led tractor work light


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