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The Tough Difference


1, LEDs


      l  American brand LEDs                                                     l  Anonymous LEDs       

      l  High luminous intensity                                                  l  Low luminous intensity

      l  30% energy saving                                                          l  High energy consumption

      l  50,000 hours life span                                                    l  20,000 hours life span

      l  Environmental friendly                                                     l  High light failure


2, Heat sink


A quality light bar will have oversize diecast aluminum alloy 6303 heat sinks and tight current control.

While cheap ones have less heat sink and the material maybe magnesium alloy.

3, Circuit design

 circuit design

A quality light bar will have thicker circuit board, it will ensure faster cooling.

And it also should be Overvoltage protect, Overcurrent protect, Voltage-stabilizing, Anti-Interference.

4, Brackets and Kits



The best LED light bar has sturdy, corrosion-proof mounting hardware and provide options

   for mounting the bar in different locations.

5, Waterproof and dustproof shockproof


All of our light bar are dust tight and protected against continuous submersion in water.


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